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CEO Ric Estrada joins City Club of Chicago panel on early learning data

In a sold-out City Club of Chicago panel, Metropolitan CEO Ric Estrada joined Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton and leaders from Erikson Institute and the Irving Harris Foundation for a discussion on effectively leveraging data to make smarter investments in early learning.

Erikson Institute unveiled its Illinois “Risk and Reach” report, which uses new data to present a comprehensive map of the state’s early childhood resources and needs. Its president, Geoff Nagle, and Director of Policy, Cristina Pacione-Zayas, shared a first look at the report; Ric, Lt. Gov. Stratton and Irving Harris Foundation Executive Director Phyllis Glink provided responses to questions sparked by the report.

Metropolitan’s early learning programs provided educational programming for 1,374 children last year, and supportive services for 2,963 family members. As we continue to expand our services and our partnerships to meet the consistently-evolving needs of the communities we serve, materials like the Illinois Risk and Reach report are critical in understanding where those needs are most pressing.

Learn more about Metropolitan’s Early Learning programs and services.

Thank you to City Club of Chicago, Erikson Institute and Lt. Gov. Stratton for sharing photos from the event!