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Advocacy Day was a success!

On Wednesday, April 18, our agency took 101 staff, clients, and community partners to Springfield for a successful, empowering Advocacy Day.

Our groups had the opportunity to engage with numerous legislators and had candid conversations about community violence prevention, barriers to community supports, wrap-around mental health care, and protecting early childhood education funding amongst other areas of concern.

Groups from all Metropolitan’s centers were represented; each center’s group met with their own representatives. In addition to group coordinators from each site, our Calumet Center’s Executive Director, Audrena Spence, and our Legal Aid Society’s Executive Director, Miguel Keberlein, both led groups.

Toward the end of the trip, many attendees were able to sit in on a General Assembly session to observe the legislative process in action.

Our work isn’t over yet!

After the success of the day, we’re all feeling Mpowered and looking forward to furthering this week’s efforts with in-district advocacy!

Let’s all keep spreading the word about Metropolitan’s programs and services – every day is Advocacy Day! Learn how you can support Metropolitan online. 

Our groups – three bus loads of people! – arriving in Springfield, energized and ready to go:

A full day of advocating on behalf of Metropolitan’s programs included meetings in the State Capitol building and the next-door Stratton building where most legislators’ offices are located, communicating the importance of Metropolitan’s programs, and leaving packets of information on our programs legislative priorities.